Thursday, July 14, 2016


The Fuller Home of Victor and Shobha
This is the 36th Fuller Home belonging to Victor and Shobha. Victor, a mason, had been living with his wife in a rented house until this new Fuller Home was dedicated and occupied by the family on July 14, 2016. The couple had married off their daughters some time ago. Since then they have struggled hard to build a house of their own. Now that they are in the Fuller Home, they will enjoy dual benefits: They need only repay the loan with the amount they had been paying as rent; they would own this house as soon as the loan is fully repaid.   

Don Bosco & family in front of their new Fuller home
This is the 35th Fuller Home. This will be owned by Don Bosco, the homeowner who is standing to your extreme left. Don Bosco is a young bachelor now working as a salesman in a small shop. With the occupation of this simple and decent Fuller home, he has decided to look for a bride. His mother being no more, he and his father will live in this house until his marriage, which will take place shortly. Others who are posing for the photograph are his very close relatives including his father (standing on the threshold). All of them are happy about Don Bosco having had a good house of his own to live in.