Sunday, November 30, 2014


A Global Builders' team led by Jim McCracken of Idaho, US arrived at Kelakam, northern Kerala on November 01, 2014 and participated in the construction of the house of Sabu and family for a fortnight. Henry Lopez, another member of the team, stayed back to see the house reach the roof level construction. The chairman, the vice chair and the joint secretary of the TFCH Board visited the site on November 27. They also met at the Worship Center with Henry Lopez, Pastor Sasi Joseph, homeowner Sabu & family and the other two homeowners & their families. This is the third TFCH house built at Kelakam. The pictures below were taken on the occasion.

Jim McCracken (right) with Henry Lopez
on the sit-out of Sabu & family's house under construction
TFCH Board members with Henry Lopez and the homeowner family
TFCH Joint Secretary Sr Josmin addresses the gathering. 
Seated from left to right are Henry Lopez, Pastor Sasi Joseph, 
Chairman Adv T H Lawrence and Vice Chair Fr Mathew Thundathil